The skater Doggo

Vipps - Doggo
Motion Blur
Costume design
Height: 180 cm
Production year

2 costumes were ordered, The dog-human and the dog-doggo. Gloves, headpieces, feet, tail, head masks, nails...! In smooth cooperation with Effektmakeren AS we created flexible, coolest possible, lookalike dog-costumes for the real dog "Beauty" and the skater-man.

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The challenge was to create functioning, dog-lookalike-costumes that can be used actively by a dog and a human, while taking in consideration the welfare of them both. The differences in the anatomy and size caused the need for scaling most materials. We were very happy to hear Harald Schwartz was the director for this commercial as we were sure he would get the best out of the idea, as in general the series of Vipps-commercials are of very high quality. Effektmakeren AS did the fantastic head piece for the "human dog", and the clever Lillegerd Hansen was engaged on seams and patination!