The Parrot from America

Scenekvelder AS Musical production company
When the Robbers came to Cardamom Town
Hand puppet string puppet
Height: 60 cm
Production year

This colourful singing parrot is a loud character in the popular family theatre play ‘When the Robbers came to Cardamom Town’. This splendid show is based on a 1955 children’s book written and illustrated by Thorbjørn Egner. The parrot sings, flaps its wings and taps groovy rhythms with its feet. In the otherwise peaceful and quiet Cardamom town, it prides itself on being the finest of the birds for sale at the pet shop.

We had to create this parrot considering both hand puppet functionality for the singing and talking, and the need to ensure a lively and cheerful appearance while the parrot is moved around in its birdcage. Hence, it has got moving wings, feet and a fully flexible body.

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