The hungry lion-pet

The Lion
Scenekvelder AS Musical production company
When the Robbers came to Cardamom Town
Hand puppet
Height: 80 cm
Production year

In the theatre play ‘When the Robbers came to Cardamom town’ this lion is the three robbers’ pet, and it is always hungry! It lives in the robbers’ home, sleeps in their bed, and is sometimes left alone in the cellar-cage roaring. All this action is created by a highly skilled puppeteer.

Our goal was to create an ‘alternative’ young lion with handmade dreadlocks and a strong character that goes nicely together with the mischievous young robbers. We were loyal to the original illustrations and created an androgyne lion. The technical solutions and material choices enable cat-like flexibility including good mouth, tail, spine and leg movement. Great for jumping high and low!

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