The Donkey and her dancer

The Donkey
Scenekvelder AS Musical production company
When the Robbers came to Cardamom Town
Puppet character
Height: 200 cm
Production year

This donkey blocks the way for the only tram in Cardamom Town and simply refuses to move. Whenever it suits her, she dances her little, intricate donkey dance.

We developed this technical solution bearing in mind that the skillful dancer should be able to move as freely as possible, while being true to both the original sprit of the theatre play and the director´s wishes of having the dancer visible while integrated within the Donkey.

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Key focus areas were light weight and the possibility for simultaneous movement of the front and hind legs. There would be scenes where the Donkey and dancer would be lifted and carried. In addition, it was essential that the dancer could be separated from the Donkey mechanism swiftly due quick costume changes. With a 4-point easy fixing solution it all turned out to function very well.
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