Bo Bear the spectacled bear

Spark AS
Bo Bear (Norwegian: Brillebjørn)
handpuppet rodpuppet
Height: 55 cm
Production year

TV series

Bo Bear is both a hand puppet and a rod puppet. Bo Bear has been custom-made and carefully designed for his intended use as a main figure in TV series and films for pre-schoolers. Bo Bear is one of our most famous figures.

Bo Bear is very flexible and expressive. We carefully considered a range of details, like testing the weight points, to allow the correct type of mobility. At one moment, Bo Bear serves as a magical ‘living’ bear, and in the next scene, he will transform back into a toy that fits perfectly under the arm of a 3-year-old. Due to the nature of the series (and films), we had to make sure Bo Bear is durable enough to be handled by toddlers and children both during takes and in the intermissions on set.

The TV series, which premiered in 2017, won the Prix Jeunesse Theme Prize in 2018 and was one of the Norwegian contributions at the main programme of the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival.


The Bo Bear series became so popular that the production company Spark AS decided to make a film about him as well. Bo Bear on the Farm premiered in cinemas in February 2018, and stay tuned – a new Bo Bear film about Bo Bear on a Holiday will launch in autumn 2019.


In addition to designing and manufacturing the hand and rod puppets for the TV-series and films, the PISTO Team have also designed and produced the prototypes for the Bo Bear teddybears merchandised by the Norwegian company BLAFRE.

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