A Golden Screen winner

The Crisis Advisor
Concorde TV AS Production Company
Stories from Norway
hand puppet rod puppet
Height: 65 cm
Production year

The PISTO Team created the Crisis Advisor for an episode of the TV series ‘Stories from Norway’.

The Norwegian comedy duo ‘The Ylvis Brothers’ (who also developed the series YLVIS) played the lead roles in all episodes.

During the design process, the Concorde TV production group wanted to adjust the character they had ordered slightly from a happy chap to a more serious character - still in total devoid of self-knowledge.

The puppet is technically very versatile. For example, the head, arms and legs are removable from the body of the puppet and all parts are replaceable. The puppet can hang sideways from a wall, tap a rhythm with his foot, stand unaided and bend his wrists and fingers.

We like to think that the Crisis Advisor helped the Ylvis brothers and their series win the prestigious Norwegian TV award ‘Gullruten’ (English ‘The Golden Screen’) in May 2018