The Biathlete and the Statue

Johannes Thingnes Bø
The Oslo Company (independent advertising and production agency)
MINKVELD at TVNorge/Discovery+
Props sculpture
Production year

When we got the commission of creating a funny Olympic podium statue of the well-known Norwegian biathlete Johannes Thingnes Bø, we really went for it. We created this childish stone-sculpture to showcase the biathlete’s sympathetic attitude and some of the exterior characteristics like the sweet smile and the ginger hair. Sean, being a former biathlete himself, designed Johannes´ golden rifle with just the right technical details

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In the TV-show, Johannes Thingnes Bø is expecting to unveil a slightly more ‘traditional’ statue of himself, but he’s in for a surprise… It was delightful to create this figure based on the wishes of the design department of The Oslo Company.