We love challenges!

All our projects are challenging, different and need an individual approach, and that´s how we like it!

In general, we have a cost-effective approach. We create affordable, high quality products.

We think that the puppeteer is what brings the soul of the puppet to life. Therefore, during a puppet production, we always involve the puppeteers from the very beginning and listen to their expertise.

An important part of many projects is to acquire just the right materials. Therefore, we often order special products from abroad or raid the shelves of the oddest shops and jumble sales to add to our forever-expanding collection of materials.

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Here are some examples of different projects that require a customised approach:

Look-alike figures

For look-alike figures and caricatures, we only require some photos from the customer prior to modelling. If possible, we would like to meet the ‘victim’ or watch a video of the person, but that is not strictly necessary. We then use clay, modelling tools, casting materials and special colours during the work process to ensure to create a product as per what is agreed.

Props for theatre plays

Before making a prop for a theatre play we have to do some research. If the play is a Bronze Age theatre play for example then we will have to understand what it is that characterises this historical period besides the widespread use of bronze. How did people live? What did they wear and what type of tools did they use? What type of items have archaeologists recovered? It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to have comprehensive knowledge in order to design and create props. In some cases, we can use materials that imitate the characteristics the original material but not always (sometimes we cast in bronze and other metals). If we cannot buy the material we want, we’ll make it.


For puppets, we need to understand the essence of the character. Based on our research and the customer’s wishes we create sketches and 3-D models. The fun part for us is when we can play with different shapes in order to achieve just the right character (gigantic eyes, tiny eyes, a miserable mouth, massive teeth and so on) as well as incorporating the required technical functions and materials. In most cases, we will also draft a pattern, as customers often order duplicate puppets / figures.