Films, films and more films!

Sean has been a film addict since an early age and still recalls the excitement of going to Saturday morning ‘pictures for kids’ at the local cinema. Now he has come full circle and has the privilege of creating enjoyment and entertainment for television viewers and filmgoers himself.

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Sean’s film collection grew parallel with his expanding, international sporting career. He represented Great Britain in biathlon World Cup competitions in 1980-84 and, he represented Norway in Nordic style dog sledding, winning a European Championship silver medal in 1989. But that was before he found out that creating puppets and figures is really great fun!

Sean is a Sapper – a Royal Engineer. He was educated at the Royal School of Military Engineering in Chatham. He qualified as a City and Guilds of London artisan tradesman in sheet metal forming and diverse metal pipe fixing in 1978, and since 1985, Sean has been specialising in sheet metal forming in Norway.

Main inspiration? Sean finds it hard to answer that question (there are so many!), but admits to still have a soft spot for the Bill and Ben the flowerpot-men and the Thunderbirds Puppet TV series of his childhood in the UK. Later on, sci-fi-genre and productions like Spitting Image and Wallace and Gromit became absolute favourites. Sean finds the ingenuity and humour of the makers behind the scenes amazing and fascinating.